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Favourite people

  • Bill Hicks
    For watching when I'm too happy or too sad.
  • Woody Allen
    prospective boyfriends would have to pass the woody allen 'club years' album test.
  • Dan millman
    A spiritual master

Favourite Blogs

Special fan of

  • Our favourite quotes from Nighty Night
    For anyone who enjoys a bit of the sick and twisted and gets tired of hearing the lazy refrain's of 'women aren't funny' watch the first episode of Nighty Night.

  • If your sick and twisted and get tired of hearing the lazy thinking that 'women aren't funny' watch the first episode of 'nighty night'. Two great women almost managing to obscure Angus.
  • Ricky Gervais.
    It's almost not worth saying. However, Office and Extra's has brought me considerable pleasure over the last five years.
  • HBO: Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Misery loves company: Thank you Larry David.


  • The Phantom Tollbooth: Books: Norton Juster
    My eldest sister bought this book for me when I was eight. My sister was trully psychedelic and so is this book. Even though this is a story pitched to children, it's great and any adult who takes the time to trip to it will enjoy it too. The graphics have dated-obviously, it was made in the 70's (there will have to be a re-make soon) but the characterisation and journey remains so vibrant and optomistic.
  • Honore de Balzac - Biography and Works
    Anyone who looks to literature to gain an insight into the human condition should read Balzac. To me he's like Dostoyevsky, but French and funny and much lighter to pick up. All his characters ae so vivid. I'm surprised there hasn't been any shit BBC dramatizations of his work-or perhaps there has.
  • ABC Shop - Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid Bill Bryson
    What a great book. I listened to Bill Bryson tell a bit of 'Life ad Times of the Thunderbolt kid' and wanted to hear more. I got it as a down load audio book and listened to it 5 hours straight, when I was feeling suicidal. It was brilliant and optomistic in a beautiful untrying way. He's got a great voice too.
  • Post Office by Charles Bukowski
    i loved this book. I thought it was going to change my life, of couse it didn't. Instead it made me sneer at my own happiness and sentimentalize past periods of debauchery and self-destruction. Goes without saying, a damn fine read.

Blogs I hate

  • The Age Blogs: All Men Are Liars
    I found this by accident, and was quite depressed by it. The author is apparently like the character Sam from 'Sex in the City'. He talks about feeling estranged from Brad Pit's after his decision to settle down with Jennifer Anitston at a time when he could have had any woman he wanted. Wanting to remain unattatched is one thing, professing not to understand someone who wants something different makes him sound like an emotionally bankrupt wanker. Perhaps he's written loads of great shows for American TV but I suspect they lack an essential comic sympathy.


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